Sunday, February 23

We got the call at 3am, immediately got in the truck and headed to Geisinger Hospital in Danville. This was the longest drive in our lives.

We both were sick to our stomachs not knowing what lie ahead. Any time something happens to one of your children you wish you could do anything to be able to reverse what just happened or at least take the place of your child so you could suffer the pain instead of them.

We know this all too well from our experiences with Lindsay in her early years.  No surprise she is a fighter and today is proof that God is great and good things do happen and tough times are beatable. Now it is Jackie’s turn to fight and get through the days, weeks and months that lie ahead.

We will all get through this thanks to faith, prayers, strength and an incredible network of family and friends.

We were told Jackie went to Bloomsburg hospital first and was then transferred by Life line to Danville.Details were sketchy but we knew Jackie was the victim of a senseless act of violence and had head injuries. When we arrived he already was on the vent, was hooked up to a million tubes and had a screw in his head that was supposed to relieve the pressure in his brain. It didn’t work.

We touched Jackie’s arm, blew him a kiss because we couldn’t even get to his head and within two hours he was in surgery and a good portion of the right side of his skull was removed.  Hoping that was enough, the surgeons sent him in for a CAT scan. The result was not good and Jackie was rushed back into the OR to have a good portion of the left side of  his skull removed.

We thought the car ride was long…..

He finally returned to a room and the reality of the sustained injuries started to set in. Ultimately his skull was fractured and there was bleeding in many areas of the brain.  Other injuries if any, we’re not the focus now. The immediate goal was to keep him in an induced comma so the body and brain could rest, basically just be. So hard as we were instructed not to touch or talk to Jackie.  All we could do was somehow through telepathy send positive thoughts his way.

Needless to say his sister and our family and friends are incredible.  Between texts, Facebook posts, tweets and calls the amount of support coming our way was undescribable.

There was a constant flow of tears and visitors throughout the day along with many other friends helping at home and providing support over the phone.

Touched beyond belief.

At the end of the day he remained stable through night one. Thank you Lord.