Tuesday, February 25

Pain meds increased. They are telling us that Jackie’s brain swelling will prevent him from actually waking up at this point even though the sedation meds are being lowered.

They are now changing the settings of his vent to help him breath a little easierWe are told this is going to be a marathon not a sprint to recovery.  Celebrating every small win.  Two to celebrate already – when pinched Jackie reached over to the pain source showing that his brain can localize pain and his nurse thought he saw  Jackie’s arm move slightly away from the breeze of the fan.

There is a science to managing all of his meds.They are now lowering the sedation drugs again to be able to get better reflex tests.  And the roller coaster ride continues. Just saw the neurology surgeon he said  the bleeding in Jackie’s brain is stable.  They are still keeping a close eye on a small spot of bleeding on his brain stem.

More to follow – it is now 7:41am.

Thanks to everyone who is praying and sending positive thoughts.  Keep um coming!