Thursday, February 27 – Part Two

10:30pm – Winding down our 4th day in the Intensive Care Unit.  It feels like we have been here for much longer than that.  We’ve sequestered a portion of the waiting room that has now become our home.  Eventually we will be staying off hospital property, but for now we chose to stay close due to Jackie’s current condition.  It’s funny how routines you used to do every day don’t have priority now, like taking showers, and things you used to take for granted become huge daily wins.

Jackie has started taking nutrition through a tube that leads down his throat to his stomach.  As he had been getting sick yesterday, this is a victory for sure.  Goal is to keep increasing the amount of nutrition and decrease the IV fluids.

Sedation drugs have been reduced slightly and he is starting to show a lot of movement in response to when he is turned or stimulated by hospital staff.  Even though this is very positive it is tough for me as a Mom to watch as Jackie’s body makes awkward movements. Need to draw on inner strength to get through this phase which will hopefully get Jackie off the ventilator.

Early reads on his CAT scan are looking favorable as there appears to be a slight reduction in the swelling.

His blood pressure is still trending high so his meds have been increased.

He did receive a unit of blood today.  This should help get him back to where he needs be.

Life can change in an instant as we now know first hand.  Our change was far from positive, but the prayers, visits, support and donations you have all given makes this marathon seem doable.  We are without question a family that is truly blessed by such a caring community of friends.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.