Monday, March 17 – Part Two

I am sitting in Jackie’s room with one of the prayer blankets so beautifully made for us wrapped around me.  It is cold in his room but that is good for Jackie since he sleeps on a plastic air bed that inflates in different ways at different intervals to help prevent bed soars.  We feel so fortunate to have the love and support of all of you.  Your cards, your financial support, your prayers and your overall caring means so much to our family.  We are so deeply grateful.

It’s Monday.  The hospital has become alive with activity.  Eric and Tara (PT and OT) were the first team to visit Jackie. He was not really awake, but that did not last long.  They sat Jackie up on the side of bed and then started the session.  Tara had Jackie hold a piece of ice in his hand.  If he didn’t want to keep it there he had to give it back to Tara.  He did. Jackie always seems to be fascinated with the latex gloves when he holds Tara’s hand.  She asked him if he wanted to wear one. He gave the thumbs up, so for half of the session he too wore a medical glove.  The session continued with stretches, different sitting positions and they even held him in the standing position again.  He is still having problems holding his head up.  I’m sure this will come with time.

After the session he sat in the chair.  We were hoping his system would move but it didn’t.  Once back in bed Lenora (ST) came in for a visit.  She put the speaking cap on his trach and worked with him to make some sounds.  We heard a couple low growl sounds.  Each day this should get better as well.

Then the Trauma team stopped by and we were delighted to see one of our favorite docs.  It was great to see her back on rotation.  She thought the wound around his feeding tube looked good and decided to switch out his size 8 trach to a size 6.  We were so excited as this is just one step closer to eventually getting the trach out.  This smaller size trach should make it a little easier for him to try to talk.  The doc decided to have another x-ray taken to take a look at his belly.  It confirmed that his system is still backed up.  So far he hasn’t been able to relieve himself.  This is causing stress to his body.  I really hope we can reach a turning point tonight.

Another one of his ICU nurses came to visit him.  It was great to see her again. Jackie gave her a small wave.

It’s now getting late and Jackie just got sick twice within the last three hours.  The doc on call is going to stop by and check in on him.  Jackie just needs some relief from this constant struggle with his stomach.

Please know your prayers are wrapped around Jackie and giving him the strength to get through each new day of this journey.