Saturday, April 5

Turning over every stone for an answer

The teams of docs at Thomas Jefferson continue to search for the cause of Jackie’s set back.  They are looking at everything, trying to determine the catalyst for his infection and fever.

Today Jackie’s fever went from being high to low grade as the three antibiotics are hopefully working to cure the infection that is causing the pain and swelling on the right side of his head and face.  His movements became a little more purposeful today which is good, but he is still showing signs of pain and discomfort.  I so wish he could talk.  His hand responses are not strong or consistent,  so thumbs up and squeezing our hands at this point are not options for communication.

He had to be sedated for some of his tests so we are hoping he will soon wake up and break through the fog he is in.  Even though he is not opening his eyes wide, I know he is looking at me and can hear me.

We were so close to the next leg of the marathon, that virtue of patience keeps staring us right in the face.  The ‘why’ questions could so easily be the focus of every day, but to what end.  Patience and faith are key to getting us through this rough spot.  It is so important to ensure the steps to healing him are the right ones.  The docs realize that and are keeping a close eye on everything to make sure the treatment course is correct.

I think about when I was a kid and loved to skip stones in the water.  Sometimes  I would have just the right throw and the stones would skip effortlessly in a perfect pattern across the water.  Other times the rocks would not skip at all or would only skip once.  We have realized that traumatic brain injuries do not follow perfect or predictable patterns of healing.  There are times when you think you are on course only to be starting the mile over again.

One thing is for certain, Jackie is young and strong and those qualities represent two huge shiny stones in his pocket.  It is just a matter of time until they skip him into the final phase of recovery.

Thanks as always for your prayers of healing.