Tuesday, April 8

High hurdles

Yesterday started out with the best neuro function we have seen since we arrived in Philly.  Jim even got Jackie to laugh three times.  It felt good.  He waved goodbye to docs, did thumbs up and even did a fist bump and explosion with a nurse. PTL

With all of these hopeful signs came new higher hurdles.  I mentioned before that Jackie needed to get a PIC line in.  The procedure appeared to go ok, but when we returned to his room his heart rate rose high and quickly.  We were sent out of his room as numerous members of the medical staff worked to determine and resolve his condition. They were able to stabilize him but he experienced a seizure.  He had two seizures previous to this when we were in the ER.  Right now, there are many things that may have caused the seizures including his infection.

The infection which was self-contained has now started to ooze out of his surgical incision.  Jackie just went down to the OR.  The goal is to wash out the infection and go from there doing whatever is necessary to clean it all out.

Thank you for your prayers for Jackie as he faces yet another day of challenges.