Friday, April 11 – Part Two

Yet another hurdle…

They told us and we are finding it to be true, TBI is one of the hardest injuries to treat.  It takes lots of time, patience and adaptability as each day can bring unforeseen challenges.

Jackie had a good night last night.  The most he slept at one time was an hour and 45 minutes, but he did take about two additional one hour naps.  His neuro function was good this morning.

Our neurosurgeon came to visit early this morning and based on his exam ordered a CAT scan.  The result of the scan indicated additional fluid in the brain.  A lumbar drain was put in and some spinal fluid drained.  Jackie is having some pain from the drain insertion which we are trying to manage as best as we can.  The team is keeping a close eye on Jackie and will most likely drain more fluid in the next day or so and then check things with a follow up CAT scan.  The placement of a shunt may be needed.  From our conversations with our Geisinger docs we knew this could be a possibility for future treatment.  We have a feeling we will be in the hospital a while to treat the infection and keep an eye on the fluid retention.  As always, we take a deep breath and go day by day, praying for a break for Jackie or at least a string of a couple good days.

Jackie was unable to participate in a PT session but was able to meet with ST for a little bit.  We are now heading into the weekend and will not see the specialty teams until Monday.

Jackie is also starting a new antibiotic for his infection.  It can be given less times a day than the other med and will not require blood draws.  A big win.

Jackie is looking forward to seeing Lindsay tomorrow and Florent as well.  It will be a bright spot that he could use right about now.

We still ask that we do not have visitors until we get through the next couple days or so.  We so appreciate all of your prayers for extra strength and healing for Jackie.