Dear Jackie,

This will be a short one because many of the moments we shared as a family and with Florent in your room, our new ‘home,’ were ones I will cherish forever but would also like to be all ours, just ours.

Saying I am proud of you and how far you’ve come over the last few months would be an understatement. You are so freaking incredible baby brother, seriously! The amount of speed bumps you’ve had to slowly maneuver over have been intense to say the least but you’ve managed to not only keep your sense of humor but that great smile of yours is coming back too. The little devious smirk, your laugh when things are kind of funny and you’re just laughing to be nice and pretend your big sis is good at telling jokes, the major laughs where we all join in fits of giggles for 5 minutes straight. All of these things seem so little to many people but to you and me and our close friends/family we know just how important and amazing they really are.

Thank you for all of the big bear hugs and patience when we are trying to figure out what you need or want some mornings. Thank you for helping me make mom feel special on Mother’s day and allowing us to have family moments again like old times. This weekend was incredible and filled with joy. It was one of those weekends no one could ever forget and years from now we will look back and smile just thinking about it.

You are so strong, passionate, determined, hilarious, stubborn and loved. Never forget that!