Tuesday, May 13

A date for Magee

Today we were told that we will be heading to Magee on Thursday! PTL!  We are excited beyond words and grateful that we will soon be moving on to the next phase of Jackie’s recovery.

It was a great day. Jackie had a good nights sleep and he continued to eat more and more with each meal. He is actually eating a large portion of the puréed meat and veggies as well as his sugary staples of ice cream and pudding.  For once his system seems to be starting to move on its own.  This alone is huge as we have struggled with this the entire time he has been in the hospital.

After a good breakfast, PT/OT stopped by and took Jackie to the gym.  We went with them not knowing what to expect.  Jackie had seen the hospital gym before, but was never an active participant.  They  wheeled him up to an apparatus that has holding bars on both sides.  It took several therapists, but they held him in an upright position, helped support his head and torso and also guided his feet.  It was the most beautiful thing to see.  Jackie was standing upright, using as much arm strength as he could muster and  was actually walking. PTL!  It was a miraculous moment and both Jim and I were overcome with tears.  It will be a while before Jackie is able to walk on his own, but I truly believe he now has hope that he will be getting better and not stuck in a hospital bed forever.  Jackie repeated the sequence of steps a second time but was too tired to make it a third.  At this point he was getting emotional and we knew he was most likely sore and exhausted.  We tried to tell him to think about when b-ball season started and that he just has to work through the initial pain and it will eventually get easier.  That seemed to make him feel better.  We all came back to the room and moved Jackie back in bed.

Not long after, ST came in.  We did a couple things to help Jackie speak, but still no words and not many sounds.  He has come a long way in reference to mouth movements, so Ellen believes it will just be a matter of time until he says something.

Just like at Geisinger we have met so many caring and loving people here at Jefferson. We feel incredibly blessed to have met everyone.  I’m sure the care Jackie  has received here has been a huge part in his recovery.

Jackie is set to go to the gym early Wednesday morning and so far his night has been a little restless.  He will need to get used to the long days of therapy that will be routine when we get to Magee.

We have one more full day to get ready.  Thanks for your continued positive thoughts and prayers.  They are working!