Sunday, May 18

A day of rest

Jackie had another restful night and a relaxing day.  I think if worked out well that we came back on a Friday.  It gave all of us, especially Jackie, a chance to  get used to the surroundings and some of the routines prior to getting started with his regular therapy sessions.

Every week Jackie will have his ST and PT sessions in the morning and will have his OT session in the afternoon.  From what I saw in his evaluation sessions, I believe Jackie will like it here and will work hard every step of the way. I am hoping that by weeks end, we should have a good feel for how long Jackie will be here.  Even though this information will help with planning, we will continue to tackle each new day as it comes.

I cannot tell you how much joy is in my heart now that Jackie is talking.  PTL. Don ‘t misunderstand, we are not engaging in long conversations.  On the contrary, he is still sharing one word or very short phrases at a time.  But it is so wonderful to just hear his voice.  We no longer have to guess how he is feeling or if there is something he wants to do, ie: apps, TV, music listening.  We can just ask him.

We Skyped with Lindsay and Florent tonight.  I could have stayed on the call forever to never lose sight of the smile on Lindsay’s face when she heard and saw her brother speak.

Speech is a wonderful gift. Use it wisely and never take it for granted.  Have you ever forced yourself to stop talking for a couple hours. If you did, I’m sure it was much harder than you thought.  I have a feeling Jackie is gong to be an excellent listener after he has recovered from all of this.

Thanks for your positive thoughts, prayers and support.