Sunday, June 8

Weight Day

Jackie had another restful night.  He knew when he woke up that Lindsay and Florent would still be here.  Sure enough they came back to the room early in the morning with a Starbucks strawberry smoothie in hand for Jackie.  We moved from Jackie’s room over to the community room.  There is a large bay window there and we sat at the table right in front of it and finished up breakfast.  It was so great to be together as a family.  Jackie really enjoys talking with Lindsay and Florent.

Time went quickly and the Recreational therapist stopped by for her session with Jackie.  We all went up to the sixth floor terrace and then Lindsay and Jackie played tic tac toe bean bag throw. After the game Lindsay and Jackie switched to scatch ball.  This is the game where a tennis ball is thrown onto the Velcro surface of a flat mitt of the other player and then thrown back.  The therapist put the mitt on Jackie’s left hand to try to work on increasing its movement.

Jackie was exhausted, we had been following the weekend schedule and he was now due for a rest in bed.  Before he got settled in, it was time for the weekly weigh in.  We anticipate this day all week in hopes that Jackie continues to put on pounds.  Sure enough, the bed registered 126.5 pounds. PTL!

With the good news top of mind, Jackie fell asleep quickly.  Lindsay and Florent stayed with him while Jim and I ran an errand.  Jackie had been wanting a memory foam pillow like the one he used at home and at college.  His neurosurgeon had given us the OK, but we did not have the chance to get one until now.  Since Magee is located downtown we had no trouble finding a pillow and even bought soft pillow cases. On the way back we picked up some ‘manly’ toiletries for Jackie.

Lindsay and Florent headed home as soon as we returned to Magee and it was time to get Jackie up for lunch.  After he was done more visitors arrived.  Jackie went with us to give a short tour of the facility and then we visited on the sixth floor terrace and then back in his room. Jackie was having a great day but was exhausted.  We got him back in bed for another nap.

Dinner was next and then a little bit more time on the sixth floor terrace.  Tonight’s dessert was homemade gluten free brownies from Florent’s Mom and strawberries from Aunt Carole’s garden.  Yum.

Once again we returned to the room.  Jackie got a shower in the chair and then moved to bed for sweet dreams on the memory foam pillow.

We continue to count our blessings every day, for Jackie’s continued progress, our family, friends, community and all the prayers and support from you.  Please know we are truly grateful for everything.