Thursday, June 12

Vector Action

Jackie slept in a little this morning, but we were still able to finish breakfast and get morning meds before speech.  We also spoke with Dr. K for a while.  He remains happy with Jackie’s progress and continues to fine tune his meds.

Becca decided to spend half of her hour with Jackie in the morning and the other half at lunch.  The morning session focused on games requiring attention as well as quizzes on short term memory.  The second half of her session was sitting with Jackie at lunchtime in the group room.  This is the second time Jackie ate in a room with distractions.  There was a gentleman with a strong voice sitting across from Jackie.  It did not take long for Jackie to ask Becca if he could finish lunch in his room.  I’m sure it is just going to take a little time for Jackie to get adjusted to meal distractions.

Jackie had three other Therapy sessions during the day.  He had his second session with the art therapist.  He drew another picture and spoke with Lori the entire time.  He also had PT.  Erin took him up to the Vector machine and coached him through a beastly session.  Using the Vector, Jackie practiced doing step ups, standing and also walking.  Erin and another therapist assisted as Jackie completed three circuits of the course.  He was exhausted but pleased with what he had accomplished.  His last therapy session had a surprise waiting for him in the gym.  Nessie, an adorable, three year old Sheltie was waiting to spend some time with him. Jackie loved her and her tricks made him laugh.  He threw her toys and also gave her treats.  While this was going on he was getting electronic stimulation treatments on his left shoulder.  He also worked on transfers to and from his wheelchair and sitting.

Jackie had a total of two short naps sprinkled in between his therapy sessions  which were well deserved.  We had dessert on the second floor terrace and then he got a shower in the chair.  Next up was a little bit of movie watching and then bed.  We wrapped up another successful day at Magee.  PTL!

Thank you for caring about Jackie and sending positive thoughts and prayers his way.