Wednesday, June 18

Canine Comfort

Jackie woke up and started his day following the usual routines.  His transfers out of bed to the wheelchair have been going well thanks to the practice he has been receiving in therapy sessions.  He had a good appetite for breakfast but seemed tired and a little down.

Today we were going to try a new therapy schedule. The hour long therapy sessions were all split in half and would be given in half hour increments.  The hope was that the new schedule would help Jackie be more focused and alert and less tired.  The schedule would ultimately help increase his stamina as well.

Speech was first.  Becca worked on Jackie’s memory, had him name items in categories and also gave him a sentence scramble test. After a half hour break he went to OT and worked on transfers and stretching. Another half hour passed and he moved on to PT. By this point, Jackie did not have the morning cat nap that he was accustomed to and fell asleep in his chair in the gym while waiting to get into the standing chair.  He woke up and was able to complete the session.

We went back to his room and decided to let him sleep.  This pushed back lunch but he was really too tired to eat.  We had to wake him up since it was best to have something in his stomach prior to his mid-day meds.  Before long it was time for his second speech session.  This seemed to be just what Jackie needed.  Becca had scheduled a special 1:1 session with Joey, Magee’s therapy dog.  Jackie had spent some time with Joey a couple weeks ago and loved it.

Jackie was able to get back in bed for the session and Joey jumped up and laid with Jackie.  While he was petting her and enjoying her closeness he was quizzed on information he had just learned about Joey and her background.  He did well answering the questions.  Next it was time for Joey to work.  Her owner showed Jackie how she could open and close cabinet doors.  Jackie then gave her the commands from bed and watched with delight as Joey followed them opening and closing his wardrobe door.  Then Jackie played tug of war with Joey using a brand new toy that he worked to remove the tag from. After a game of catch it was time for the session to end.  He gave Joey a treat and said goodbye.  It was great to see him smile and laugh again.

He rested until his next session.  We wheeled him into the gym for OT and he started to look tired again.  Paula took over and Jim and I headed over to our case managers office for a weekly update meeting. Jackie rested in his chair prior to his final session of the day.

During PT, Erin helped Jackie walk using the parallel bars.  This was his second time using the bars and he seemed more secure.  Erin’s assistance and coaching helped Jackie have a successful session.

When we got back to the room we got him in bed to rest prior to dinner.  He never really slept so we got him up so he could eat.  After he was done with his meal and meds he started to get a headache which ultimately worsened.  We had the doc on call check him out and his vitals and neuro exam were fine.  PTL

After a dose of Tylenol he fell asleep.  We have been told that TBI recovery includes good and bad days, fortunately Jackie has been experiencing mostly good.

You know the saying, Every day is a gift – that is why they call it the present.  We understand that more and more each day.  Make your day a great one!