Friday, June 27

This morning I found the boys snoozing when I came in the room.  Jackie usually gets a vital check around 6am that wakes him up.  When he falls back asleep after this check it is hard to get him up.  Even though we were moving slow,Jackie managed to eat breakfast,talk with Dr. K and take morning meds prior to his speech session.   Becca and Jackie reviewed the date and also worked on talking with  a louder voice.  Jackie also searched online for video clips he wanted to watch during speech session breaks.

We kept Jackie up and went to PT.  Erin and Jackie worked on transfers and laying down and sitting up.  Once again Jackie ‘s chair was changed to ensure the proper positioning.  A new backrest was put on which provides a little more back support.  He also received a new armrest for his left arm.  This is larger than the one he had before and should help keep his left arm straight.  As soon as PT was over it was lunchtime. Jackie ate a lighter lunch than usual and went to bed for a short nap.  This afternoon he had another session of PT vs OT. He stood at the parallel bars.  Worked on transfers from his chair to the bar and also practiced basic stepping moves.

He had just enough time for a quick nap before dinner.  His eating pattern seemed to be getting somewhat back to normal.  Since it was still early we spent some time on the outside terraces. Jim and I noticed that something didn’t seem right with Jackie.  We decided to call it a night and headed back to his room.  A little bit after we got him in bed he started to get pain on his left side.  He ended up getting sick a couple times.  His vitals were ok so we stuck it out.  We need to work with the docs to find out what has caused him to get sick within the last two days.

He improved throughout the night but woke up sick again.  Will give another update tomorrow. Thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers.