Tuesday, July 8

TBI Challenges

There are no two cases alike.  Each injury has its unique set of challenges and mysteries.  We are experiencing that first hand.  Jackie has not been himself this week.  We are working with the docs and therapists to try to pinpoint the catalyst for his symptoms.  It could be driven by one thing or a couple different factors working together.  Jackie’s team at Magee works well together and communication between the members is excellent.  All of the feedback helps point Dr. K in the direction he needs to find solutions.

Jackie woke up and seemed ok.  His voice is very quiet so we need to ask him to repeat things often.  We went through the normal routine and were ready for speech at 9am.  Becca split the hour with another therapist since she had to attend Jackie’s team meeting.  The session seemed to go ok, but not as good as yesterday.

When we can, we are still working on Jackie’s stamina so did not put him in bed for a morning nap.  Like yesterday, Jackie fell asleep in his chair minutes before Erin arrived to pick him up.  We woke him up and he headed to the gym.  During PT Dr. K came into the gym to examine Jackie.  He would continue to check in with us throughout the day.  He suggested we let Jackie rest, so we did.  When Jackie woke up he seemed a little better so he ate a late and light lunch.

OT was next.  We went to the gym and talked with Paula for a while.  Even though Jackie was not feeling great he pushed through the session and worked with Paula on standing, scanning to the left and stretching.  We talked with Paula more at the end of the session.  It was close to dinner so we had Jackie eat and then he fell asleep in his chair.  We did not make it to our usual spot for his protein snack.  He had an early shower and was in bed by 7pm.

Each of Jackie’s days are different and how he feels is driven by things he cannot control.  We hope that tomorrow will be a better day or at least one where some of the challenges he is facing are resolved by solutions.

Many of you can alter how your days go by simply changing your attitude or reorganizing your priorities.  Make today a great one and continue to be grateful for all that you have.  As always, thanks for your support, love and prayers.