Tuesday, July 15

A Good Day

Jackie’s day started with ADLs, or activities of daily living. Paula felt some male bonding would be good for Jackie so had one of the PT students and his mentor work with Jackie first thing in the morning.  He helped Jackie with dressing and brushing his teeth at the sink while standing.  We were joking with the student because he was helping Jackie put his North Carolina shirt on and he is a Duke fan.  ADLs always take a little longer than planned so Jackie’s schedule got pushed back.  He ate breakfast at 9am, got his meds, talked with Dr. K and his team and then had speech at 10am.

Becca worked with Jackie on answering and asking questions and also did memory and thinking exercises.  During the session I was on my phone and a text came in.  It was a number I didn’t know but the message read “It’s Jackie” followed by two smiley face icons.  Jackie had used Becca’s phone and sent his first text since February – a keeper for sure.  PTL

Jackie went right from speech to PT.  As always, Erin gave him a great work out. He walked with Erin and another therapist as well as just with Erin and the walker with the arm extensions.  It was now lunchtime and even though Jackie was tired he was still hungry.  He ate a good lunch and just as we had him ready to go to bed for a nap,  Paula came in the room and wanted to take Jackie to the gym.  Jim and I went to talk through some things with our case manager and also with Dr. K.

After our meetings we met Paula and Jackie in the fourth floor lobby.  Paula and her team had performed a test on Jackie and also treated him based on their findings.  Jackie had been mentioning that he has been dizzy during his therapy sessions and it has been hard for him to stay centered while sitting.  This prompted the test that resulted in a treatment which corrected the placement of crystals in his inner ear.  When one or more of these crystals is dislodged from the membrane it can cause dizziness, nausea and instability. The treatment seemed to work as Jackie was able to sit on the mat by himself and was able to correct himself without being coached.  PTL.

Jackie was unable to take a nap in bed as he had to stay sitting up with his head straight until 7pm.  He ate dinner and then closed his eyes and relaxed in his chair.  It is important to do this so the crystals do not move again.  We got Jackie in bed after 7pm and kept his head elevated for a while.  We should know tomorrow if the treatment held.

Overall Jackie had a good day.  We continue to feel your love and support and are thankful for each new day of hope and healing.