Monday, August 11 – Tuesday, August 12

Another Trip To Jeff

Monday morning Jackie was still experiencing similar symptoms.  Jim and I were trying our best to stay positive and patient.  We spoke with Dr. K and he said the Magee staff was also working through frustration surrounding Jackie’s decline.  We all want him to get back on track. Dr. K decided to get in touch with our neurosurgeon who happened to be on vacation.  He was still able to reach him and they agreed to admit Jackie under the neuro team at Jefferson for evaluation.  As you know with TBI nothing is easy to diagnose.  The culprit could be many things. Tests were done and confirmed the correct shunt setting. We thought turning off the shunt may help, but the risks were not worth any possible short term gains.  Bloodwork was done to confirm levels of meds in Jackie’s bloodstream.  Other meds were slightly adjusted.

By Tuesday morning we had a plan to once again bump up Jackie’s surgery date and head back to Magee.  PTL We all agree that this upcoming surgery is what Jackie needs to begin moving in the right direction again. Scans were taken for surgery preparation.  We should have more details on the date soon. As the day went on we had a feeling we would not get back to Magee.  It was getting too late to have a PT and OT evaluation done.  This is necessary for insurance to review and approve before Jackie can be readmitted to Magee.

Since Jackie was in bed most of the day we got him out of bed and sat him in a chair.  We propped him up with pillows and watched some of the Shark Week programming on TV. It was another one of those moments where I hope Jackie felt as if he was getting better and doing things he used to do.

We are hoping to get to Magee sometime on Wednesday.  We will keep working with Jackie to ensure his is eating and drinking enough.  At this point our next milestone is getting to surgery. After surgery we will be able to reevaluate and set new targets and plans to finish Jackie’s course to recovery.