Friday, August 22

Rallying Back

Jackie woke this morning and seemed a little bit better.  He was more verbal and awake. PTL I’m sure the fluids that ran overnight made him have more energy.  He ate a good breakfast and was almost ready for Aimee when she arrived.  She had ordered chicken salad and wanted to test Jackie’s swallowing again. Jim and I left the room for a couple minutes.  We returned at 10:30 to meet one of the residents we have come to know well.  He is a wonderful young man with a huge heart.  He is extremely busy and even though he has moved on to a new assignment, stops in to check on Jackie.  He insisted Jim and I leave the hospital together for thirty minutes and he would be there to handle anything that came up.  We couldn’t say no.  There are only a handful of people that we feel comfortable leaving Jackie with, he is one of them.  We hoofed it to Reading Terminal, an indoor food market on steroids that puts our home town farmers market to shame.  We bought a couple of food items, including some things Jackie could eat and headed back to Magee.  It was a quick, fun excursion for the two of us – thanks Doc.

While Jackie was in PT we met with one the dietitians. She is right out of school but very good.  We reviewed the trackers I have been completing of Jackie’s daily food and fluid intake. We discussed how we could increase his calorie count.  She also checked on a new supplement that just came in and made sure Jackie could try it at lunch.  It was a mint chocolate parfait packed with nutrients and calories and Jackie liked it! As we were wrapping up, Erin brought Jackie back to the room. With help, Jackie walked and even played corn hole.  He beat Pete, the student whose last day was today.  Erin said he had a very good session and was also more verbal than yesterday.  PTL Jackie was rallying back!

We got him in bed for a nap and then he ate a late  lunch.  OT was next.  Jackie was not as active for Paula. I think he was still tired.  Paula stretched several muscle groups and worked on patterns and other things with Jackie. When they got back we put Jackie in for another nap.

Dinner was next.  We learned of a new restaurant from Aimee that delivers food to Magee.  It is called Fuel and has a very healthy menu.  They have a dessert called a banana whip. It is basically frozen whipped bananas.  You can also add strawberries or chocolate.  We ordered some food last night and Jackie ate half of the chocolate banana whip!  After dinner we watched a little TV and then Jackie went to bed.  The IV replenished some of his fluids overnight.

As you know from reading the blog, we live day to day.  Today Jackie found inner strength to start rallying back.  We don’t know what tomorrow holds but for now we will celebrate the day and all of the positive progress that was made.

I haven’t mentioned it in a while but please know we thank you for all of your positive thoughts and prayers.