Wednesday, September 10

Just Breathe

Jackie woke up to the voice of a Neurological resident.  He was in the process of doing an exam that would be followed up by an entire team visit.  This stimulation threw Jackie into a major spasm.  Drug therapy was administered right away to break the spasm.  Ultimately the meds, caused Jackie to sleep for most of the day.

While he slept he continued to get nutrition through his new peg and was finally getting back on track with all of his daily meds.  These are also put down the peg site.

As assumed, many more tests and blood draws occurred today.  Jackie also had another spinal tap.  The result was still within the normal range.  PTL.

It is now a waiting game that requires much patience.  We will need to continue to deal with the spasms until we find an answer.  It seems that every time Jackie is stimulated or wakes up he goes into a spasm.  We pray answers will be found soon.

Between yesterday and today, all three of Jackie’s therapists from Magee came to visit him.  Jackie was not very responsive for any of their visits, but I know he could tell they were there.  As much as we want to go home, we miss the team at Magee.  After all it has been our home away from home for the last three and a half months.  We are so fortunate to be blessed with their expertise and friendship.

As the night progressed and Jackie began to wake up. We tried to limit his med intake by talking him through simple things like just breathing.  In some cases this coaching helped Jackie stop the spasm from intensifying.  The spasms seem to be effecting every muscle group so I’m sure Jackie’s chest feels like he can’t breathe.

We worked with the nurse to finally get his head washed.  We were not sure if we were going to be able to get this done without a spasm taking over.  The warm water must have felt good as we were able to get everything done.

Ultimately more spasms occurred that Jackie could not break on his own and more meds had to be given to stop them.

TBI continues to throw Jackie curve balls.  Some he can see clearly and adjust and the others catch him and us by surprise.  Continue to appreciate the very simple things in life.  Take a deep breath when you feel your day is full of stress or drama and do your best to hit the curve balls head on.  Jackie is sure trying, even when it comes to taking a simple breath.