Thursday, September 25

Back To Routine

It feels good to be getting back into the Magee routine.  Each day we see just a little bit of improvement.  PTL Motor skills are still trumping speech communication, but leaning back on patience will allow us to wait for the right time for Jackie’s voice to kick back in.

Jackie ate a small breakfast with Becca and together they worked on a special project, a birthday card for me.  While making the card Jackie become emotional and was sad that I had to spend my birthday in the hospital.  When he came back to the room Jim, Jackie and I had a tearful talk and we were able to say things to Jackie that we have been meaning to say but it was never the right time.  Starting to sort out all of these emotions, although taxing, is a good thing.

Next up was PT.  Mark picked up Jackie and headed to the gym.  Mark took it easy on Jackie since the morning had been emotionally draining.  He stretched his muscles and worked on other basic PT exercises.

After PT it was time for Jackie’s nap.  As I have mentioned before, Jackie’s new schedule allows for an hour and a half nap once a day.  We make every effort to maximize that time.  Paula came in to get him for his OT session after he woke up.  One of the focuses for the session was Jackie’s vision.  It is important that we get his vision evaluated to see if anything has changed post surgery.  She worked with Niki on an initial assessment and set up an appointment for Jackie to see the eye doc on their next trip into Magee.

We walked downstairs to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa who had come to spend the day with us, then we went to try our first dinner together in the cafeteria.  As soon as we wheeled Jackie up to the table he went into a muscle spasm.  We got him back upstairs and worked him through it.  Attempt two was very successful and a great next step for Jackie in order to get used to eating in a more social environment. He didn’t eat much but the experience was positive. PTL

Overall the day was a really good one.  My birthday was ultimately one of my best.  I was blessed to be here with my boys and will be spending the day with Lindsay and Florent on Saturday.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”
Abraham Lincoln