Monday, September 29

Seeing Clearly

Jackie slept in as long as he could before speech started. He ate his breakfast with Becca as they continue to work on improving his swallow function.  They used images  on the iPad for voicing exercises and even reviewed basic cell phone functionality.  When they were done we went to the second floor terrace for a break before PT. My phone vibrated about 10 minutes later, it was Becca, Paula was looking for us.  They were able to schedule an eye appointment with the doc for 10am.  We quickly got to the gym and Jackie proceeded to have a very through eye exam.  We were hoping that his vision improved post surgery.  The exam mirrored what we are seeing throughout all of Jackie’s body.  The surgery did not create instantaneous improvements, but with time things will get better.  We were able to confirm that there was no retina detachment which is good news, as surgery would have been necessary if that was the case.  PTL. Jackie’s brain injury is the catalyst for the slowed muscles in his eyes.  We are hoping with brain healing  will come clearer vision.  In the meantime the doc wrote a prescription for us to get a new pair of glasses.

While Jackie was at PT Jim and I researched some of the local retail eye outlets  as we wanted to get moving on his new glasses as soon was we could.  Jackie had a good session with Mark.  After some stretching exercises Mark assisted  Jackie with a short walk in the gym.

Back in the room we followed routine and Jackie enjoyed his nap.  Paula gave Jackie a little extra time to rest and started her OT session with him about a half hour late.  While Jackie was working with Paula, Jim and I walked to Eye Encounters on Chestnut.  At first they said they would need to see Jackie, but after reviewing the prescription were able to put the order through after we picked out some frames.  Within 5-7 business days Jackie should be wearing his new glasses.

After we all reconvened in Jackie’s room, Holly our Dietician reviewed Jackie’s nutritional needs.  Jackie’s weight stayed the same from last week to this week.  It is a toss up whether to increase his nutrition amount through his feeding tube or give him the chance to eat more. We decided that letting him eat more on his own is best as the ultimate goal is to wean him off the tube as soon as possible.

Jackie was getting hungry so we headed down to the cafeteria for dinner.  He ate almost all of his mashed potatoes and some of his meat.  He also left room for a 340 calorie Magnum ice cream bar which he enjoyed on the second floor terrace. PTL

The day had been a good one.  One with hopes of seeing clearer and continuing baby steps forward. Your positive thoughts and prayers are being heard and felt and are appreciated more than you will ever know.

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”
~Michael Jordan