Wednesday, October 1

One More Time

We are beginning to see small improvements each day. PTL As Jackie’s strength increases so do the goals for his therapy sessions. ‘Let’s go one more time’ are words he hears every day.  The therapists always make sure he either verbalizes, yes, or gives a thumbs up.  They would never push him past where he thinks he can go at that particular time.  Whether it is Jackie’s experience from being on many sports teams, or his desire to get better, he usually always  gives a positive response and repeats the task or exercise at hand.  Pushing through this is not easy. There are no quick results, just positive baby steps and time.

Jackie started eating some of his breakfast in the room this morning. He was hungry and we thought this would give Becca and him more time to concentrate on speech  exercises.  They referred to images on the iPad and then Jackie voiced what it was.  They also began to work on breathing exercises like blowing bubbles in liquid through a straw, shooting spitballs through a straw and blowing ping pong balls across a smooth surface.  All of these exercises should help with breath control and ultimately louder speech.

Jackie wanted to rest on the second floor terrace between speech and PT.  It is always nice to get some fresh air and check out what is happening in the real world outside of the hospital walls.

It was now showtime.  Erin and Mark were walking towards Jackie’s room.  Erin approached him and said, “I missed you.”  In true Jackie form he said, “I missed you too,” forgetting the plan.  Mark immediately got him back on track and he then told Erin that she was fired.  She said, “No,” and asked why.  Jackie pointed to Mark.  We all laughed, then he said “Just kidding.”  We all had a good laugh!  Both Mark and Erin took Jackie up for a walk on the Vector.  It was a productive session.  Jackie walked a short distance but many times.  Erin tried to provide as little assistance as possible for his left leg, but she always had to move it in place for him.  Hi is getting there!

Without a doubt Jackie was ready for his nap and nutrition.  We helped him get in bed right away and he rested peacefully until it was time to get up for OT.  Paula came to the room, picked him up and they went to the gym.  Paula had the robot programmed and ready to go.  The program moves the arm while the eyes watch the movement.  A combined exercise for the arm and brain. They also practiced standing and did other exercises.  Jackie came back to the room with a basketball in his hand from the gym.  It was homework.  When Jackie is just sitting in his chair relaxing, she would like him to keep his left hand on the ball, more eye and brain stimulation in an attempt to engage the left side.

After OT, Jackie wanted to relax on the second floor terrace.  It was another beautiful night.  We headed back up to the room for meds, then ate in the dining room and moved back out to the terrace for his Magnum ice cream bar. As soon as he finished he was ready for bed.

It had been another good day of progress.  PTL Prayers, positive thoughts and patience are guiding us every step of the way.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
~Thomas Edison