Friday, October 10

A Routine Day

This may sound like a boring title, but to us routine is a beautiful thing.  Jackie’s nutrition now runs until 8:30 in the morning to maximize his overnight caloric intake.  This allows him to sleep in since he doesn’t need to be ready for his first therapy session until 9am.  To try to interject a little bit of fun in the morning, we decided to have a special greeting waiting for Dr. K. One of the staffers had provided Jackie with cans of silly string to use when he wanted to have fun.  Today was a perfect day to get out the cans.  Dr. K and his resident came into the room and as soon as they said hi, Jackie reached under the covers and sprayed them with the stringy mess.  Jim helped to ensure Jackie’s finger was positioned correctly on the can.  We all laughed.  It was a great way to start a Friday.

Becca was off today so one of the newer Speech therapists worked with Jackie.  She took Jackie to her office and they worked on some things that Becca had suggested.  Jackie ate some soft foods under her supervision and also talked about basketball.  Overall it was a good session.

We stayed in Jackie’s room prior to PT and the hour went quickly.  When Erin arrived for PT we felt the need to plan another silly string attack.  This time the victim was Mark.  He was the mastermind behind many recent pranks on Erin so it was now her and Jackie’s turn to get him back.  They hid two cans under a blanket on Jackie’s lap and headed to the gym.  Mark was sitting in the office so they called him out and immediately showered him with string.  Something so silly, but so much fun for all involved.  Getting back to business, Erin and Jackie continued to work on his left leg movement and focused on learning how to use his hip flexors to help lift his left leg.

After all the antics of the morning and two therapy sessions, Jackie was ready for his nap, and actually slept this time.  He stayed in bed for a little longer than usual and then got up for his OT session with Paula.  They did stretching while listening to music and Paula also gave Jackie some ice cream.  He enjoyed every bite!

Jackie then had a visit from a of Mom of one of his good friends from freshman year at Bloomsburg.  She and her sister live in South Philly and stopped by with lots of goodies including Magnum ice cream bars and a sweet Flyers hat.  Jackie wore it most of the night.  After their visit he enjoyed one of the bars and then headed to the shower.

Just like his nap, he found it easy to go to sleep and only woke a couple times.  One of  Dr. K’s past residents happened to be on call and stopped in to say hi.  We had a great visit with her. Jackie even showed off some of his movement in his left leg and engaged in a short conversation.  PTL It was really nice to see her again.

The day seemed to pass quickly even though we followed our normal routine.  Hopefully you can appreciate vs complain about daily routines and may even find a way to interject some silliness.

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”
~Carol Burnett