Friday, October 17

The Road Back To Independence

Today we continued to implement phases of Jackie’s new rehabilitation plan; the focus was independence. Either Jim and I have been with Jackie every day and night since his injury in February.  As a test, our team at Magee wanted to see how Jackie would do spending an hour away from us.  They took Jackie into one of the common areas and had him spend some time with another patient close to his age. They participated in an activity together supervised by a rec therapy student and the staff member assigned to the common area.  Jackie’s nursing staff also did random checks in the room.  At the end of the hour Jackie chose to just chill out and listen to music while weight shifting in his chair.  The first test had gone well and the plan is to continue the same schedule next week.  I have to admit this is hard for Jim and I.  Jackie has been through so much and Jim and I have been right beside him the entire way serving as his support system and advocate.  We know him better than anyone else and can read him and know how to handle whatever may come up.  Even stepping away for an hour, when we know he is not in therapy, seems unnatural and is difficult. It is; however, part of the recovery process and the best thing for Jackie, after all he flourished when he went to Bloomsburg Freshman year.  He made tons of new friends who became his family away from home and took care of everything on his own from buying books, researching his computer purchase, dropping and adding classes, getting to meetings and completing all freshman requirements on time.  We want him to get back to being able to do the things he did before.  We just need to trust the staff at Magee and let Jackie get a taste of the independence he came to know and love.

Becca split her speech session in half.  The first half started in her office but then she helped Jackie transition to the common area for his hour of independence.  Then she met with him again at noon and had ordered him a cheesesteak and fries from the cafeteria.  She was curious and wanted to see how he would eat something he really enjoyed.  He took a couple bites of the meat and ate a couple fries.  He tired quickly so they stopped.  She is keeping him on a restricted diet for now which basically just includes cold, soft foods that he enjoys eating.  We are all hoping it will not take long to get him back to eating regularly again.

His PT and OT sessions both included stretching exercises as Jackie’s muscles continue to be very tight. We spent some time on the second floor terrace and Jackie enjoyed his Magnum bar.  Then we went back to his room and had our first official mentor meeting.  The young woman who I spoke about before, who had a brain injury from a car accident, spent about half an hour with Jackie. We were right next door talking with her Mom.  Among other things, Jackie played table top corn hole with her.  He said he enjoyed her visit.  We will likely schedule more time for them to get together before we head home.

Jackie was exhausted, we helped him get into bed for the night.  The day was long but good, in fact looking back it was a good week.  PTL

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
~Francis of Assisi