Tuesday, October 21

Routine Is Good

Today started with the normal routine of meds, a visit from Dr. K and getting dressed. Paula came in at 9am for an ADL session focusing on washing hands, brushing teeth, combing hair and all other typical hygiene tasks. Unlike those of us with desk jobs, the therapists get reality checks everyday and understand and appreciate the smallest things in life, like being able to put socks on without assistance. Now that Jackie’s glasses are helping with his vision it is easy to see that his brain not only wanted to forget Jackie’s left eye, but his entire left side. This left neglect is something that can be worked on daily. Paula continues to put everything on Jackie’s left to force the brain to see and react to stimulus on that side. She also sat with Jackie while he ate his oatmeal making sure he looks down to see where his spoon is going. Before his glasses, he would not even look down and just felt where the bowl was with his spoon. We are making progress. PTL

His independent time went well. The staffer who oversees the room is a very loving person and has put my mind at ease about leaving Jackie by himself. He has been playing some games with different patients and listening to his music or watching TV.

PT and the Vector were next. Jackie continues to have good trunk and head control while walking and continues to work on his left leg movement. Patience is key. Jackie went to the dining room with Becca immediately after and ate well. PTL We helped him get in bed for a nap and then he finished up his speech session with Becca using the iPad as a tool.

The rest of the day consisted of snacks, nutritional supplements through his feeding tube and more snacks. Jackie gained three pounds within the last week. PTL We stayed in the room, watched some TV and then it was time for bed. A routine but good day, we will take as many of those as we can.

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”
~ Henry Ford