Wednesday, October 29

A First

This particular hump day started out as usual. Visit from Dr. K, all the normal meds and breakfast with Becca. Jackie had some independent time with a couple of the other patients and then headed off to the gym for PT.

All the exercises Jackie had been doing in the past on his stomach were going to pay off today. He was getting a cast put on his left leg from a little below his knee down through his foot. This was a first for Jackie. His had never had a cast before. It is similar to the traditional cast that I remember as a kid. The one where the person who had it seemed so cool and had everyone sign it. Jackie, on the contrary, was not looking for signatures. The goal of the cast is to force the muscles in his foot to stay stretched at a degree that will make it easier for him to walk. Right now the therapists stretch his foot during therapy sessions, but it reverts back to its original position. The cast will stay on through Monday and then it will be cut off and the back half will serve as a brace to be worn at night to ensure the muscle stays stretched. The first 24 hours are tricky because Jackie cannot put weight on his foot. For all transfers we had to use the electronic hoist and sling. It had been quite a while since we had to use this device and it certainly reminded us of how far Jackie has come. PTL

Lunch was next with Becca. Jackie continues to eat more with each meal and Becca is still incorporating different food types. Swallowing liquid right now seems to be the biggest challenge. After a short nap Jackie headed to the gym for his OT workout.

When OT was over we headed to the second floor terrace. Grandma and Grandpa were here and so was one of Jackie’s cousins and her husband. It was a little chilly but we stayed outside long enough for Jackie to enjoy his Magnum bar. We headed back inside and said our goodbyes in Jackie’s room. We struggled with keeping his casted leg elevated in his wheelchair so moved him into bed early. Jackie enjoyed relaxing without any distractions for a while and then watched some of the World Series before nodding off.

Jackie continues to amaze me with his strength and his will to do whatever is necessary to get better and back to the life he knew and loved. The three Ps, prayer, positive thoughts and patience, continue to guide me and keep me on track. There are days that I lose sight of them. They are like the smallest letters at the very bottom of the eye test chart, but something inevitably brings them back in view.

“Patience and Diligence, like faith, remove mountains.”
~William Penn