Wednesday, November 5


This morning Jackie saw Dr. K, got dressed and ate breakfast all before Becca arrived for speech. The two went to her office and continued to focus on everything speech related. I remember when Jackie told me in his neurosurgeon’s office that he wanted to talk but he couldn’t. There are many things contributing to his renewed speech and Becca is a big part of bringing back his voice. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to hear and understand what Jackie is saying. PTL

After a week hiatus Jackie was able to work with Lori again, Magee’s Art Therapist. The last time Lori worked with Jackie he did not feel like doing anything so they sat at the big bay window and looked outside with Lori doing most of the talking. Today was different. Jackie chose to use watercolors and was back to painting a fishing scene. PTL Jim and Jackie fished a lot when Jackie was growing up and the fact that he creates this scene over and over again tells me how much these times meant to him. Lori was amazed at Jackie’s voice and participation in the conversation. It was a great session!

PT with Erin was next. As with every session, stretching is key. By the end of the session Erin helped Jackie walk in the gym without the help of the wall. PTL Lunch and a rest were next on the schedule.

During OT, Paula tried out a new brace for Jackie’s left arm which will replace both his elbow and hand brace. She wants to ensure it will work and be beneficial before ordering one that will be made specifically for Jackie. She also stretched some of Jackies muscles. Keeping his muscles loose is an ongoing battle. As with everything time should help. Reinforcing my three Ps, prayer, positive thoughts and patience.

Immediately after OT Jackie had his meeting with his mentor. She surprised Jackie and brought some frozen yogurt from the cafe. We left the room so they could spend some time together. Jackie seems to enjoy talking with her especially because she can relate to most everything he is going through. After her visit Jackie had a big dinner and then showered and got in bed early.

Jackie’s marathon to recovery continues. His perseverance gets him through each day and is turning into positive progress. PTL

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”
~Newt Gingrich