Tuesday, November 18

Getting Ready

Even though we are going day by day, we keep our homecoming date in mind as we work with the staffers to get ready. The morning unfolded as it usually does with a visit from Dr. K and morning meds. Then it was time for an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) session with Paula. Each time Paula works with Jackie he seems to be able to do a little more. It is still a struggle to dress himself due to the lack of function on his left side but he powers through as hard as he can using Paula’s tricks to make it easier.

Becca was splitting her session between breakfast and lunch. This time she ordered a burger and Jackie finished more than last time, eating about 3/4 of the sandwich. PTL

Erin was not in today, but left instructions to change Jackie’s chair to the new loaner that he will use until the one that has been ordered for him comes in. While the team was working on changing up the chairs in the gym, Jackie jammed to some music with one of the therapy aids by snapping his fingers and shoulder shrugging. Allie was still playing the tunes when she wheeled him back into the room.

Thanks to Florent and Lindsay, the boys started getting caught up on past episodes of the Walking Dead via NetFlix. Jackie got Jim hooked on the show and the two of them were glued to the iPad as they were able to watch one of the past episodes. This lead right up to a short OT session where Paula worked with the three of us on transfers in and out of the shower. For now it will take both Jim and I to help Jackie. This will ensure proper safety until the spasticity in Jackie’s left leg gets better.

It may not sound like a lot, but transfer practice is extremely tiring for Jackie. When we got back to the room we moved him into bed for a rest just in time for a visit from Visa, Jackie’s furry companion that we met at Jefferson Hospital. During the visit Paula brought Jackie’s old chair back to the room as the new chair was not comfortable. Knowing our plan to leave next week, Jane said this would be their last visit. Jackie said he did not want to say goodbye. Jane thought maybe they would make the trek and possibly visit us at home some day.

Dinner was next and a little bit of TV.  Jackie was still tired so we helped him get back in bed. While watching a little more TV the mom and sister of Jackie’s friend from Bloomsburg stopped by with enough goodies to hold us until when we leave. They also stopped and got the boys milkshakes at Chick-fil-A. Even though Jackie was in bed we raised his head high enough that he could enjoy some of the shake before going to sleep. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see him able to enjoy something that is such a given for us. PTL

It has and continues to be a long journey for Jackie. His will, determination and desire to walk keep getting him through each day. Eventually all his hard work will pay off. For now he keeps getting up and getting ready for each new day.

“Never, Never, Never give up!”
~Winston Churchill