Thursday, November 20

Perseverance Pay Out

Jackie did not sleep well. He was up more than usual so we let him sleep in as long as we could. After a visit from Dr. K and morning meds Jackie ate breakfast with Becca and then went to her office to work on speech exercises. The session would be split in half as Becca had yet another surprise for Jackie’s lunch.

Before the surprise, Jackie headed to PT with Erin. They stretched and trialed another chair. Erin wants to make sure that the loaner chair we take home fits Jackie perfectly. The new chair that is ordered will take a while to come in.

If you have been reading my posts you may remember the cheesesteak challenge that Becca and Jackie worked on together. To help Jackie work on his speaking volume, Becca wheeled him around Magee so he could ask staffers and patients their favorite place to get a cheesesteak in Philly. Jackie would get to eat a cheesesteak from the restaurant that got the most votes. Just as the challenge was coming to an end, Jackie started going downhill and never was able to enjoy the fruit of his work. Today would change all of that. Robin in guest relations picked up the steak and brought it to Jackie’s room by noon. He was totally surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the cheesesteak under Becca’s supervision. PTL

After this incredible lunch, Jackie visited with his Grandma and Grandpa. Paula then came to pick him up for OT and the focus was stretching. Jackie’s left arm and leg continue to be tight and takes daily stretching to loosen the muscles.

After a rest in bed Jackie had a late dinner, enjoyed a Magunm bar and then returned back to bed and watched the Flyers. Even after all these months Jackie’s perseverance paid off and he was able to enjoy his Philly cheesesteak from Jim’s. PTL

“There are 2 rules in life:
Number 1- Never quit
Number 2- Never forget rule number 1.”
~Duke Ellington