A letter to you, Jackie, in hopes you will read this very soon:

ImageDear baby brother,

On Sunday, February 23 2014 our lives changed forever. Mom and Dad got a call in the early morning hours that you were in the hospital and in critical condition. We have always been one of those families who has lived and thrived off of routine and schedules so we forget that in one moment it can all change with a call that shook our faith, strength and sanity to the core. To hear this news was not something I handled or could process well and am still working on understanding or accepting. You are one of the most caring, stubborn, genuine people I’ve ever known so the thought of anything bad happening to you was unfathomable. It made me think about how we view the world and live each day.

Today, on Friday, February 28, we are in the early miles of a marathon to your recovery. To say that this process is going to be the most difficult test of strength and patience is an understatement but in life you only get the opportunity to react to the situation that is placed before you and never (unfortunately) get a do-over to go back in time and change what happened. For that reason alone, it doesn’t seem fair to you, the incredible community of Boiling Springs or all of our family and friends who stepped in to hold us up during this unexpected hurtle in life, to ever let a negative thought enter our minds again.

Sure, it will be hard – one of the hardest, most unimaginable heart-aching experiences to go through – but there will be a finish line and we will cross it no matter what else comes down the road. You are stubborn, strong, hilarious, caring and amazing. Our parents are the two strongest people I know and they are staying positive, patient and hopeful every step of the way- holding this family together.

We will not let you EVER give up or slow down. We’ll get through this, I know it.  And when we do I can’t wait to share stories, pictures, music and laughter with you again.

Love you beyond words,

– Sis