Friday, February 28 – Part Two

The waiting room is bursting at the seams  tonight.  Unfortunately new families now gather as they face their own tragedy and sadness.  A bright spot is all of Jackie’s friends who travel from BSHS and different universities to the hospital to visit their friend.  We get the added benefit of lots of hugs that I purposely hold for longer than normal.  Jackie is a great hugger, I can’t wait until I can hug him again.

Jackie is still on the cooling blanket.  This is helping to keep his fever from spiking higher.

He still remains on the vent and he got sick a little bit tonight.  His nutrition was dialed back a bit until his stomach settles.

His blood pressure is being maintained by meds but still spikes when he is worked on by the nurses or docs.  His sedation drugs have been reduced and he continues to move more.  A very good sign.

It is still too soon to tell, but it looks like he is starting to make intelligent movements with his arms.

We finally got the green light to touch and talk to him.  It’s funny because we have been waiting for this moment for so long, but are hesitant as we do not want his vitals to spike.  Fears aside,  we whispered in his ear and touched his arm.  There was no response, but that didn’t matter.  Just touching him made us finally feel connected once again.

We continue to be amazed by all that everyone is doing for us.  Please know how much this means to us.  Keep praying and sending positive thoughts our way.  These next few days will be challenging but will hopefully be filled with small steps that will eventually get us to the finish line.