Sunday, March 2

A not so good night has led to a very busy morning and afternoon; thus the cause for the delay in my post.

Jackie once again had a restless night.  He got sick again and his lips were swollen.  He also went back on the machine that records his temperature.

The neuro doc stopped by and based on Jackie’s night and the fact that he keeps getting sick, ordered a CAT scan.  We are learning that celebrating the small victories is so important as in hours you can be headed down the road of concern once again.

As the morning continued we learned that the CAT scan results were stable, meaning no major changes from the previous  scan.  This is good news as there is no sign of any additional damage and there are still signs of reduction in the swelling.

We met as always with the trauma team when they made their rounds. We are very fond of our doc on this team and were anxiously awaiting her examination of Jackie.  Great news – Jackie definitely showed signs that he is making intentional movements and it looks like he is really trying to open his eyes.  We discussed next steps and shortly Jackie will be getting an MRI on his neck.  If all clear he will be undergoing a procedure to put in a tracheotomy and a peg sometime tomorrow.  The trach inserted in his throat, will be more comfortable and still will allow the vent to assist with his breathing.  He may also be able to have his neck brace removed. The peg will be inserted directly into his stomach which should also make his nutrition intake easier.

Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming.  I’ll post again later tonight.