Saturday, March 1 – Part Two

A touch, one simple thing we all take for granted. That is what made our day today. To be able to sit beside Jackie, hold his hand and let him know we are here for him was worth the wait.

A day of small victories:  Jackie’s blood pressure is now being monitored by a cuff only,  his temp being captured by ear thermometer only, and his sedation meds are no longer being administered!

Now it is up to Jackie.  First step is to open his eyes.  Not sure what day this is going to happen, until then he remains asleep.  We are hoping our time spent with him will speed up the process and we will see those beautiful hazel eyes soon.

He continues to get sick periodically and once again his nutrients are being held off until the morning, when we will start the process all over again.

The Trauma team also had a positive neurological test.  Jackie appears to be starting to make movements on his own.  Especially when the doc said that the nurse was wearing a Crosby jersey.  Jackie of course is a Flyers fan.

As always we will take each day as it comes and will celebrate the small victories along the way.  Take a moment to touch someone you love in any way you wish and begin to celebrate the small victories in your lives.  I think you may find joy in things you took for granted.

Thanks as always for your continued support and prayers.