Monday, March 3 – Part Two

As with any marathon there are parts of the course that are flat and easy.  There are also hills that make the race challenging.  I would have to say that today we traveled on all parts of the course.

As you know from this mornings post, Jackie’s surgery went well.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to round the corner to his room and see our son’s face uninhibited by a neck brace and multiple tubes going down his throat.  There still is one small tube that remains on the side of his mouth, but that should hopefully be removed sometime tomorrow.  At one point he was breathing completely on his own during the day.  Ahhh the feel of the flat part of the course was good.  A huge step in the right direction.

As the day continued so did the journey up the hill.  At the end of last week his left arm was beginning to swell.  The docs had an idea of what it might be, but had to stay the course based on Jackie’s condition.  Today they confirmed there is a blood clot on the upper left side of his body.  Treating clots with brain injuries is a fragile science.  At this point he is on a very low dose of blood thinner in hopes that with time the clot will dissipate.

I know how tired we are, I can’t imagine how tired Jackie is.  One thing I can tell you, he is strong. There will be many flats and hills ahead but with your prayers we will make it through the entire race.