Dear Jackie,

ImageI don’t know if you could hear me this weekend but we finally got the green light to whisper things to you while your brain continues to sleep and recover. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be able to let you know that I was there by your side and that I love you so very much!

To think that words, as quick as they seem to fly out of our mouths these days, end up meaning more than we could have ever imagined when allowed to speak them once again has been quite a life lesson for your big sister. You have shown me that saying I love you, showing you care and having the strength to allow yourself to say words that you feel without any hesitation even if they are followed with a mini crying meltdown is quite okay and even, as everyone is calling it, “normal” for this situation. As you already know, I am a very strong and independent spirit who you’ve always laughed at being too stubborn for my own good so this will give you a good chuckle while reading soon I’m sure.

It’s been very hard to focus and stay in the real world when back at work and away from your side and our parents but I am finding it to get a little easier as the hours and days pass by. I think about you constantly and can’t wait to be with you again later this week and fill you in on your many visitors and messages you’ve had and of course the ever entertaining lives of your favorite cat Rosie and second favorite dog Fidji 🙂

Stay strong Jackie and know that when you find the strength to open your eyes again we will be there sitting and talking beside you (probably watching walking dead or a flyers game or some March Madness – won’t it be great when you get control of the remote again?!) and will be at the ready to hold you and help you stay positive yet stubborn through the recovery to come.

Love you to the moon and back then back again,

– Sis