Friday, March 7 – Part Two

It has been a long day.  All of the days have been long.  I’ve never run a marathon, but I imagine this would be the part of the race where you have been running hard for a couple miles and realize even though you are tired, you have many more miles to travel to get to the finish line.  There is no question we can do this, we just need to focus on each days milestones and not all the days ahead of us.

It has been several hours since Jackie returned from the OR.  He still has his coughing episodes, but besides that he seems to be resting comfortably.  In order for the adjusted peg to heal properly, he cannot have nutrients for 2 days.  Some of his meds are also on hold.  We are hoping the weekend will recharge Jackie’s body so we are up and running again for the start of the week.

Focusing on the ‘now’ is not a bad idea for everyone.  Seize the day and count your blessings.  We have.