Friday, March 7

I’m sitting in Jackie’s new room beside his bed just gazing at my handsome son, wondering what he is thinking or dreaming as he sleeps.  I hope he hears our soft voices and knows we are here with him every step of the way.

Last night and today have brought on some new challenges that we are working to resolve.

Jackie did not get much rest overnight as he got sick many times. Our goal this morning was to work with the docs to figure out the cause of his nausea and fix it.

I wrote yesterday about the watch around his peg/feeder tube.  After closer looks at the CAT scan, the docs felt it was best to perform an endoscopy to ensure the feeder tube is correctly placed.

Jackie just got out of the OR  and the doc was able to adjust the position of the feeding tube.  We were thrilled with this result.  There was a possibility that they may have had to do another surgery based on the results, but that was not necessary.  He does have an infection around the peg site, but a couple of days and antibiotics should cure that.  Jackie is now in recovery and we expect him to be back in his room in an hour.

He continues to have a temp, but the nurses have been able to use different techniques to keep it at bay without him shivering.

We spoke with the Neuro team and the doc had a positive exam.  She confirmed Jackie’s recovery will be slow.  We also confirmed that after Jackie recovers from today’s procedure we will start to bump up his meds to better attack the blood clot.

We are hoping for a quiet weekend to allow Jackie to rest. I’ll provide another short update tonight.