Saturday, March 8 – Part Two

A day of recovery.  For the most part, Jackie had a fairly peaceful day.  He has been through so much lately, I think his body just needed a day of rest.

As with any day, there are always things that happen, today at least they were minor compared to other days.

Jackie’s PIC line was removed.  This is good because leaving it in would just create another source for infection.  They put a regular IV in his arm.

The trauma team stopped by to check on the infected area near his feeding tube.  He is on IV antibiotics to help heal the infection.

His coughing due to the trach is still hard for me to get used to.  I am told he will most likely have it in place for a while.  I will need to find inner strength to get through this period of his recovery.

When talking with the doc today she suggested taking things one week at a time vs one day at a time as we should always expect a mix of good and bad days within each week.

Patience, strength, love and faith will keep us heading in the right direction.

Thanks for reading the blog, caring about Jackie and showering us with support.