Sunday, March 9

There is a larger window in Jackie’s new room.  This morning the sun is shining through, kissing his face with warmth and light.  The start of a new day is upon us.

Jim’s night shift report was a fairly good one.  Jackie did cough on and off throughout the night so consistent sleep is non-existent.  Jim is taking naps when he can to catch up on some rest.  It will soon be time for me to take a turn overnight.

We talked with the doc already this morning and Jackie’s blood work is looking better.  Great news! His infection is starting to heal around the feeding tube, it may take a couple of days until it is completely cleared up.

It seems as though Jackie is moving a little bit more than he did before.  When Lindsay was holding his hand it appeared that he intentionally was rubbing her hand back with his thumb.  I just know he could tell whose hand was clutching his.

The plan is to start up his nutritional feedings again today through his feeding tube.  They will start slow and go from there.

I hope the sun is shining where you live today.  Feel the warmth and make it a good day.  Will post later tonight.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support!