Sunday, March 9 – Part Two

know we were told to look at progress one week at a time, but I feel the need to celebrate today, for it had bountiful baby steps.

As I posted this morning, Jackie was starting to stroke Lindsay’s hand.  Later in the day I was holding his hand and he was stroking mine and squeezing it a little.  We were thrilled even though he was not making any of these movements by voice command. I also noticed that he was moving his legs more than any other day that I can remember.

Some family and very close friends who we actually consider family stopped in for a visit.  Words were softly spoken to Jackie for encouragement to wake up. From Jackie’s heart rate and eye movement behind his lids, we could tell he knew they were there.

Now it was Jim’s turn.  He was holding Jackie’s hand while Rich our nurse, who also happens to be a Life Flight medic, was also bedside.  Jim asked Jackie to squeeze his hand and he did!  Rich had the same experience and noted it in Jackie’s log.  PTL (Praise the Lord – thanks Mom for the abbreviation)

Not much later Jim and I were alone with Jackie and when we were talking to him, his left eyebrow went up and we saw a very tiny glimpse of his left eye.  It was a moment we will always remember.  Right before this happened I received a text from a good friend who said she had a dream that Jackie opened his eyes today.  Even though it was only one eye and even though it was barely open, it was one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen.

We definitely had some challenges today with the start of his nutritional feedings, but we have learned that daily struggles are just part of this journey.  Jim, my rock, continues to be strong and as always helps keep me calm – at least he gives it his best try.

Once again we continue to be overwhelmed by the love and support we are receiving in so many ways.  Don’t know how we will ever be able to thank everyone.  Please know how much it means to us.