Tuesday, March 11

Back to a day of rest.

Jackie is tuckered out from yesterday and his busy night. He was moving his arms constantly from 11pm until 11am.  We had to keep making sure he did not pull his trach hose.  His hands were curious, he was touching his mouth and was starting to move his hands up to his head.  Jim stopped him before he could feel the staples. This is all good!

When therapy came in he did not really respond other than squeezing hands.  We are told this is a normal part of recovery for people with brain injuries.

They keep trying to get him up to his goal level for nutrition.  His body is slowing starting to process the liquid.

The blood clotting meds continue to be administered.  Once his blood gets to the level they would like, he will get a CAT scan to make sure there is no additional bleeding in the brain.

The marathon continues.  If you are having a bad day today, for whatever reason, try to put things in perspective.  Be kind to those you love and everyone for that matter – and as always keep praying for Jackie. All our thanks.