Tuesday, March 11 – Part Two

We have received so many cards and well wishes from friends, relatives and
people we don’t even know.  There are also numerous fundraising efforts underway.  We even met one of the ambulance medics who was first on the scene.  Please know how much all of this support means to us! You have touched us in a way we can never explain. We are grateful for it all, and we are blessed to still have Jackie whose strength amazes us every day!

A second wind – after a nice long nap we decided to give physical therapy another go.  The PT team moved Jackie to a chair and Jim and I started talking to him.  Much to our surprise his left eye opened almost a quarter of the way and his right eye opened just slightly.  We could tell he was trying his hardest to look at us.  The best feeling in the world!  I still think Jackie was tired so we did not see many of the voice command responses as yesterday, but we didn’t care.  We were just glad that we were able to communicate, even if it was in the most basic form.

He didn’t last very long in the chair, but any time was good for his circulation and overall health.  He has been back in bed ever since and it looks like we may have another busy night ahead, controlling his ever moving hands.  We are up for the challenge!

Thanks for continuing to send positive thoughts and prayers our way!