Wednesday, March 12 – Part Two

A day of ups and downs.

Prior to physical therapy the Neuro team came up to visit us in Jackie’s room.  Based on the CAT scan results they decided to drain excess fluid from a pocket on the front left side of Jackie’s head. While we waited for a follow up CAT scan, the Speech and Physical Therapy teams came to see Jackie. As they worked with him, I could tell Jackie was going to open his eyes so I called Lindsay up from the cafeteria. Based on her letter to him you already know we saw him open both eyes almost half way.  What an incredible sight. PT did not get him into the chair but did sit him up on the side of the bed. He was able to give us a thumbs up sign and a thumbs down sign. He waved and he gave a low five.  He touched his nose and knee when asked and showed us two fingers.  When chapstick was applied to his lips he even moved his lips together when asked to do so. (PTL) Everyone was very pleased with this session and Jackie was tired so they laid him back in bed.

The follow up CAT scan revealed that the fluid that was drained had been replaced with new fluid.  The Neuro team is meeting tomorrow to discuss next steps.  Currently the excess fluid does not seem to be causing any problems from a neuro perspective.

Jackie ended up getting sick again.  It wasn’t as bad as this morning, but I still wish it would stop happening. He was given many meds to help get his digestive system working.  They finally worked at the end of the night.

Each day of this marathon to recovery brings challenges and celebrations.  We hold on to the happiness to make it through the tough times.  At some point the course will start going down hill, but until then we will keep staying strong and take each new day as it comes.

Make the most of your days and celebrate as often as you can!

Thanks for continuing to send the positive thoughts and prayers our way.