Dear Jackie,

ImageToday Florent and I made the trek to Danville to see you in your new, hip room that is starting to already feel like home to us now (yes he was driving, of course, because you know my love of highways and traffic). Earlier this week I got a call that I will never forget. You had opened your eyes and started waking up! You also responded to simple commands from the speech and physical therapists which meant that you are here with us and fighting to get out of the fog you’re stuck in. After the call it was absolute torture to wait a day until I could be here in person to see for myself what progress you have made and I had only hoped of a glimpse of those eyes of yours.  

It turned out even better than I could have ever imagined.  

Madre called while we were eating lunch and said that your therapists were working with you and stressed that if I wanted the chance to see you open your eyes I had to come up quickly. As you already know, since I told you this when I got there, I pretty much ran down what seemed like endless halls until reaching your room. Not even a second after walking in they told you to open your eyes for me. I said ‘Hey Jackie, it’s your sister – I’m here!’ which was followed by you opening your eyes the widest they’ve been so far! I saw you look at me, trying so hard to keep my gaze and look right at me recognizing my voice and start to tear up. I saw you, my little brother, best friend, inspiration, behind those eyes and knew everything was going to be okay from that moment on.  

To say that I was overwhelmed with joy and emotion after seeing you like that, and feel you reach out then squeeze my hand, would be an understatement. Time stood still. I saw you come back out of the fog and into the room, into your body again for the first time in what seems like forever. You are so strong Jackie and I can tell you now more than ever that my love for you – unconditional from the start – has grown into a bond that will never, ever be broken.

You did good Jackie. You did really, really good. Keep fighting buddy – you got this!

– Sis