Thursday, March 13 – Part Two

Jackie’s day settled down a little bit after PT.  He needed the break after such a long day.

Jackie opened his eyes one other time today when his nurse had to take out an IV.  When he was removing the tape from his arm, Jackie looked right at him, eyes half open.  Pulling off the tape was not a pleasant experience.  Just another sign that Jackie is starting to feel things.

The docs are still working to get Jackie to the correct level of the blood thinning meds.  It is a process that has a strict protocol.  It just takes some time to get within desired range levels.  Hopefully we will get there tonight.

Jackie has been holding stress balls in each of his hands to help keep them busy.  Sometimes he moves them to one hand.  His hands are huge, he could probably fit 3 in one hand.  Earlier this morning when it was just Jackie and I in the room, I swear he released one as if he was throwing it.

All of us juggle stress just like Jackie is juggling the stress balls in his hands.  How we react to it is a true testament to who we are.