Friday, March 14

A restful night has led to a good start of the day.

Besides the necessary vital checks, blood draws, meds and bladder scans, Jackie’s night was for the most part restful. The last hour and a half of Jim’s shift Jackie woke up a bit.  Jackie would release the stress ball and Jim coached him to open his hand so he could throw it back in.  His eyes were slightly open.  It was wonderful to say good morning and peer into my son’s eyes once again even if it was just a slight glimpse of them.

Tara and Eric (PT & OT) heard he was awake and seized the moment.  They came in and sat him on the side of the bed.  As I mentioned before this is totally assisted by them, one on the back and one in the front of Jackie.  He worked very hard today.  He raised 1-5 fingers and struggled a bit but held up all 10.  They stretch him and have been trying to help Jackie hold his head up on his own.  As they work with him, Jackie’s results help drive the next set of exercises and as always, his heart rate determines the length of the session.  Jackie gave a thumbs up that he was tired and they moved him into the therapeutic chair.  So proud of his strength.  So blessed and grateful for this chance to make him whole again.

We are hoping to let Jackie rest a little so we can have a productive Speech Therapy session later today.

Thanks as always for sending positive thoughts and prayers our way.  I’ll post again tonight. I hope your night was restful – make it a good day!