Dear Jackie,

Florent and I just left your hospital room and are now headed back on the scenic drive towards MD. For some reason I always think that leaving you, mom and dad will get easier but I am wrong about that every time..especially today.

This week was full of surprises, progress, hurtles and lots of time to talk about just about everything. I’m sure you were tired of hearing our voices by the end of each day, it’s exhausting for you just to keep your eyes open right now. You started playing catch with us, doing a pretty awesome fist bump with explosion and some high fives. We saw you try time after time to do the I love you hand sign too. You’re getting pretty good!

To most people these little peace signs, fist bumps and high fives all seem so insignificant but it is truly incredible how much those mean to us. It means you’re getting stronger, learning commands, retaining information and waking up more each day. I tried my best to be strong this week and managed it up until our last goodbye today. Sure, we’ll be back on Saturday but it didn’t stop the I’ll miss you all a lot tears from flowing after you gave me the I love you sign when I said goodbye for now, see you soon.

Love you so much and more each day. We expect some cool tricks and maybe even a walk or two by the time we come back. Work hard, don’t give up and I’ll see you again soon!

– Sis