Saturday, March 15 – Part Two

The rest of the day went better.  Jackie’s tube feedings  were stopped for a while to give his system a chance to digest what was already there.

Even though the PT team wasn’t in, the staff thought it would help Jackie’s  digestive system to start working if they moved him to his chair.  Success, Jackie’s system cleaned itself out. He was on the chair for about an hour.  His tube feeds were restarted at a lower level.

Jackie’s legs are now getting active as he lays in his bed.  He seems to move his right leg more than his left.  Any and all activity is good!

Later this evening it seemed like his stomach was slow to process again.  His feedings were turned off for a short time and then started up again.

Jackie’s neurological responses are getting more consistent.  There are still times when he is asked to do something that he has done before and he doesn’t.  This is all part of the marathon to recovery not the sprint.

We have all been working with Jackie to continue his neuro development.  Jim had taught him how to do a fist bump.  Lindsay and Florent added the explosion at the end.  Very cool!  His eyes are continuing to open on a more frequent basis.  Even though they have still not opened the whole way, it does seem like he is trying to look at us.

Lindsay and Florent had to head back home today.  As a parent, you can only hope that your children get along, especially as young adults.  I can’t wait to tell Jackie how wonderful and strong his sister is.  She stayed in the room holding his hand even when his trach was suctioned.  Believe me, this is something I hope you will never have to see a loved one go through.  I am so proud of Lindsay and really enjoyed my time with Florent during the night shift.

I truly believe Jackie’s progress is a result of prayer and the care he has been receiving the entire time he has been in the hospital.  Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming.  They are working! PTL