Sunday, March 16 – Part Two

Jackie sat in his chair for a little over an hour.  We asked him if he was tired, we got the thumbs up so put him back in bed.  His body still has a lot to eliminate which is a large part of the of the reason why his body is not digesting  his tube feeds well.  Many meds and measures have been taken to help the process move along.  It is slowly starting to work.

As Jackie continues to come out of the fog he is becoming very aware of conversations and the environment around him.  He is also aware of his trach.
We keep telling him we are working with the docs to make sure it can be removed as soon as possible.

Jackie got sick again tonight.  It seems as if is related to his coughing and gag reflex.  Until the trach is removed this could continue.  I am praying for some type of solution.

Even though Jim and I get a little bit of sleep here and there, we realize it is not enough to sustain us.  Our care for Jackie is just going to increase with each and every day.  We decided if we could get at least one good nights sleep a week it would help.  We were going to reach out to Nick one of Jackie’s ICU nurses.  You may remember his name from a previous post.  He is the nurse who reminds us of Jackie’s friend Sean.  Nick ended up stopping by to visit Jackie and said he could sit with Jackie tonight.  I must say, as I write this, it feels like the first time I ever had a sitter for Jackie when he was little.  I even had a list of things to go over with Nick when we left.  Between Nick stepping in as a companion for Jackie tonight and Sue his nurse, Jackie is in excellent hands.  I don’t think I will have much time to worry as I am sure I will be fast asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Here’s to restful night for Jackie and good ole Mom and Dad.

Sweet dreams to all.