Sunday, March 16

Today is three weeks since we first came to Geisinger.  Hard to believe.  My mind sometimes goes down the ‘Why Jackie’ path.  It would be so easy to dwell there, it would feel so good to focus on the anger.  Ultimately we force ourselves to focus on one and only one thing – Jackie.  We cannot change or explain why we are here, we can only stay as positive as we can to help Jackie get well.

The struggle with getting Jackie to maintain the needed nutrition levels has been a daily challenge.  Digestive and bowel issues continue.  We are now starting to increase his nutritional intake amount again since it was lowered over night.  The docs and nurses are doing everything they can to ensure Jackie does not get sick.

When the doc came in for his morning rounds he had some questions relating to Jackie’s condition.  I said let’s just ask Jackie.  Through a series of yes/no questions and the use of thumbs up/down we were able to determine that Jackie’s stomach hurt and he was nauseous.  Meds were given to help and the X-ray team came to his room for a closer look.  The Trauma team also came to the room to evaluate.  They read the X-ray and adjusted some of Jackie’s meds.  We were able to meet the Trauma doc who worked on Jackie the night he came in.  We thanked her for everything she did that night.

It’s time to jump start Jackie’s digestive system once again.  Plans are to get Jackie out in his chair this afternoon.  Jim and I will do some exercises with Jackie in the early evening.

Our hope is that in the next day or two we can move Jackie to a smaller sized trach.  Even though he will still need to use a speaking cap to talk, it should allow more air to pass by the trach tube and vocal chords.  Next step after that will be to remove the trach completely.  I will be dancing up and down the halls when that day comes!!

Will post again later tonight.